This is a continuation of the story published on 6th of January, here is the link of the previous post, and this article is focusing more on the future while observing the interplay between the phenomena of social change and technological advancement.

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Are we adopting to the way technology is or is technology shaping what we are? That is the question that has been puzzling me for a long time and today when we have a constant flux between the needs or what might be the needs of the people and the technology that is capable of meeting those needs…

Future in the next post, because every future starts with now and here

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It is 2021, the world is still battling a pandemic, the freedom to choose is becoming an imperative of unprecedented scope closely followed by the censoring, politically righteous, virtue signaling, all in all, everything is happening regardless of the consequences because carpe diem — there is only the here and now in the collective consciousness of grabbing the opportunities, the world goes on and the internet certainly continues a trajectory alongside humans that initially mean well, but in the whirlwind of changes sometimes get lost and this…


Echoes of the tendencies of the world, intro to Jaron Lanier’s book and manipulative nature of a human champion that everyone admires except for aliens

I think that it is useful sometimes to look at the world from a distance, some new or old perspective, a character from a sci-fi scenario, an alien creature with similar cognitive abilities to the human but without the blind spots that humankind built over the years through cultural conditioning. This is a story of just such a creature that is observing the phenomenon of technology use while the human species is developing to live…

Original painting in the series dedicated to the topic by @ideasrex

Becoming of a stomach with strong wonderlust — universal language of food as we age and reflect the machine of this world — youth are racing for money = success to join the orders of the stomach — vision of the prehistoric people who draw Altamira cave — UBI as an apparatus that might be a physical solution to a psychological problem — how many Mozarts, Leonardo da Vincis and Adam Smithes did we lose, and will lose while we keep moving in one spot

Who wants to be a stomach? The answer is, so many, almost everyone, because it…

How often do we find ourselves wondering, convinced that the trajectory of a certain discipline is dying, just because we don’t see it presented and dominating our algorithm determining screens?

Is it dying or is it dead already

On this occasion I am talking about Classical music and this is not a dream! It is a dream within a dream within a dream of illusion that seems abundant in our current internet collective. I often sense the pulse of wider audience by streaming my creative process with the world and one particular comment got my attention. The comment was full of resentment towards classical music which is immediately…

Mind is thirsty for new experiences, but at the same time uses technology to build a shield against them — Family and friends archetypes — The problem of a bubble

Empowering technology is turning us into Robinson Crusoe, each one becoming stranded on our own islands

We are a problem solving machines, we tend to solve everything so fast and so elegantly, from an infinitely convenient little machines (think kitchen devices) to the time savers such as productivity and transportation apps/devices, but on this way of making our lives more convenient, comfortable and non manual, we have forgotten the key…

AI, this new creature that is galloping on the horizon of humanity, as we are extending ourselves outside of the biological existence, is here to reinvent us again and forever. We started this trajectory of offloading the memory at first into a stone, a sculpture, a drawing full of meanings and then gradually it made its way to the paper, eventually to turn into a screen, that became ubiquitous.

Separated and finally segregated into numerous groupations but also Centuries in terms of the mindset and it is still doing that exponentially, diverging before our very eyes while we occupy ourselves with myriad of short term interests and solutions

Emotional AI powered manipulators, stronger than music, require us to build filters if we are to slice the time that has been invaded with attention grabbers, all sorts of todo lists, mental push ups

The slice of time as we move towards more secure future -

I often end up hearing about the romanticized version of the history where everything was rosy and we just managed to break things apart in the last years with bad governments, bad education and sudden dissolution of values. Reality is very much the opposite, and let’s start from the fundamentals. I recently(or not so…

Live streaming is so powerful and yet underutilized and misunderstood because it was misused in the original form. Kardashians and the likes from the category of “being famous because they are famous” are the prime example of both, the power and misuse. Now, we as a collective are slowly growing out of beauty product fascination and stepping into the spheres of something more cerebral, the question is how will we enter this new world of intangible content, quality, processes of learning, fierce individualism?

Meritocracy of course, but there is a catch, never ever expect a large and in some cases even small number of people to choose quality, not because they can’t or won’t but simply because there are so many aspects involved and something may be good for one bad for the other, people are coming from different cultures and mindset that predisposes this over that, some might be having a bad day, others might have an agenda that blurs their vision, and that is fine, ultimately, it is really the test of time that validates the quality. People’s opinions at large…

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